Japan Association for Refugees

We’ve finalized the promotional video for the Japan Association for Refugees and it’s now ready for online distribution! It was such a pleasure working with their team and filming at the offices. Hearing the subject (it sounds impersonal but for safety reasons he must remain anonymous) tell his story, describe the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and his explain his philosophy of life was astonishing and eye-opening. It was such a pleasure to listen to him and speak with him and we at the office hope that his future endeavors in Japan are fruitful and rewarding. On that note, I wanted to include in writing some of his statements that I wasn’t able to fit into the video. He had a lot of thoughtful and compassionate things to say and it would be a shame to not put them down in writing :


On his hopes for the future he stated that his wish is to assist other people fleeing their countries. To use his stability to empower them and help them get their footing and to make a new life in an unfamiliar country.


On what message he would like to deliver to other refugees he stated that he would tell them to remain hopeful and to never let go of their values. 


On the continued conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the many social and political issues he stated the importance of not ignoring the continued influence of foreign powers in central Africa even post colonialism.


On what kind of tree he would be he stated that he would be a fruiting tree with a wide canopy capable of nourishing the people it would shelter.